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Dowel Bar Adhesives (4)

DBA-30 is a two component, 100% solids, nonabrasive, high modulus epoxy gel. DBA-30 is supplied in easy-to-mix 1:1 by volume ratio and is color-coded to assure that mixing is complete. DBA-30 exhibits superior adhesion to both concrete and steel.


Superior Patch Binder

Flexibilized, Two Component, 100% Solids Epoxy Binder

SUPERIOR PATCH BINDER is a two component low modulus, 100% solids epoxy adhesive system designed for use as a binder for patching and coating all concrete surfaces that are exposed to stresses of impact or thermal change. Being moisture insensitive, SUPERIOR PATCH BINDER may be used on dry or wet surfaces.


Superior Patch Binder Gel

Non-Sag, 100% Solids, 1:1 Mix Ratio Epoxy Gel

SUPERIOR PATCH BINDER GEL is a two component, gel consistency, 100% solids, epoxy adhesive system designed to bond cured concrete to cured concrete. SUPERIOR PATCH BINDER GEL may also be used for bonding steel in concrete as well as many other miscellaneous construction materials.


Superior Patch 4178

Easy to Use, Ready Mix Epoxy Mortar

SUPERIOR PATCH 4178 is a 100% solids, two component, equal volume mix, aggregate filled epoxy mortar. SUPERIOR PATCH 4178 is a non-sag gel with excellent adhesion, physical properties, and ease of use as a versatile, general purpose adhesive mortar that can even be placed on vertical and overhead surfaces.


Superior Saw Cut Filler 132

Rapid Set, 100% Solids, Medium Visocsity Epoxy Filler

SUPERIOR SAW CUT FILLER 132 is a medium viscosity, rapid set, 100% solids liquid epoxy for filling saw cut grooves in concrete. SUPERIOR SAW CUT FILLER 132 is designed for use with meter mix pumping equipment or may be packaged in easy to-use two component cartridges.


Crack Weld (3)

100% Solids, Three Unique Variations, Moisture Insensitive

CRACK WELD is a two component epoxy adhesive designed for injection into nonmoving cracks in concrete. Formulations range from extremely low viscosity, to materials that may be injected into concrete that is underwater, to very flexible, rubber-like compounds.


Bumper Weld (2)

non-Sag, High Modulus, Standard and Rapid Set Epoxy

BUMPER WELD is a two component, 100% solids, non-abrasive, high modulus epoxy gel. It is used to adhere parking bumpers to concrete and other like substrates. BUMPER WELD is supplied in easy-to-mix 1:1 by volume ratio and is color-coded to assure that mixing is complete.


New 2 Old (3)

Bonding Agents for bonding new concrete to old concrete


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